This is a 1969 build date 2-headlight Mangusta model.

Color = Green

Here is the classical barn find, very rare and with only about 150 left in the world from a production of total 401, considered by many one of the most beautiful exotic cars design of all times with worry free factory American FORD 289 engine here is a 1968 De Tomaso Mangusta.
This Mangusta is virtually rust free and extremely solid all around. Having just a very short driving lifespan from the year it was created in 1968 up until 1979 where it was then put and forgotten inside a container in a barn and only re-surfaced a few years ago. With VIN number 8MA522 this Mangusta is believed to be the very first ever made with pop up headlights, moreover this car features unique factory steel hood and rear gullwings unlike the rest of all other Mangustas which have both the hood and gullwings made in aluminum. With only about 40k miles on the odometer, this car was running when parked. The 289 Ford engine with 4 barrel carburetor is all there along with the ZF manual transmission. The original color of the car was a light green and was then spray painted copper color. The spray paint is superficial and can be easily peeled off throughout the whole car. This Mangusta comes very much complete except for the wheels and the steering wheel which unfortunately are no longer available. The car will be sold with a set of roller wheels and an aftermarket steering wheel. I encourage anyone who is truly interested in this car to inspect it or send someone to do so. Among all Mangustas this is one of the very few that sets itself apart from the rest because of its unique characteristics. This could be as close as a prototype can be and probably was born as one. I will update the auction with additional info if any. Please email me For any questions or to set up an appointment.


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