This is a 1968 build date 4-headlight Mangusta model.

Color = Silver Gray

Exterior: Grey
Interior: Black
First owner:

Car was bought new by William Overhauser from British Motors , San Francisco ( U.S. distributor) Was silver with Black interior. engine was 302/23 . I got it from him for $6000. U.S. in early 1974.

Car had Aluminum Girling brakes (calipers)from factory- later cars had iron brakes, and being an early car chassis was the weak link, they were updated as they went on- gussets & more metal . I should have kept it- selling was a bad idea. Sorry, no record of the ZF transmission #.  Had U.S. emissions equipment – more as I remember it. I had a copy of the spare parts book but it went with the car- hand drawn images of the assemblies .  I remember getting up in the middle of the night our time to call Mr Bertocci for parts.  Good memories

Thank You! Jim Devine

2009/10 undergoing restoration.


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