This is a 1969 build date 4-headlight Mangusta model.

Color = Fire Red

Version: Mangusta
Chassis: 8MA 798
Engine: 302 Ford V8
Headlights: Four
Year built: 1968
Exterior: Burgundy
Interior: Black
First owner: TBC, USA

Supplied new through Kjell Qvale’s San Francisco dealership.
January 2007 offered on eBay.com at 19,000 miles.

Chassis number 0798 Burgundy with black leather interior – original color.

Complete mechanical and cosmetic restoration by Collector’s Choice – all photos and receipts available.

19,000 miles.

Completely original as it left the factory.

Necessary cooling upgrades and rotary air conditioner added.

Complete original tool kit

various documents and correspondence from the DeTomaso factory to the original owner.

Magnificent in all respects.

Major Concours winner including Lehigh, PA Burn Center Concours, 1998 Bethlehem Star Award and Greenwich, Connecticut Festival of Speed and Style 2000 Publisher’s Choice Award.

All information provided by the owner

Stunning Mangusta restored perfectly. Running and driving it as to be .
Complete file of restoration with invoices will be provide.
Only few owners , delivered new in San Francisco .USA.
Cas belongs for a long time to Ron Will designer of Chevrolet Corvette

Alejandro De Tomaso was not only a talented racer, he was a man with a vision which included building his own high performance automobile. His dream was facilitated by his fortunate marriage to Isabelle Haskell, a lady who combined driving talent with a successful entrepreneurial family. The Mangusta was De Tomaso’s second production automobile. Its design, by Giorgio Giugiaro, was dynamic, clean and refreshingly free of added-on tabs, intakes, wings and spoilers. It featured unique center hinged rear body panels that covered the complete back of the car and engine, a mid-engined backbone chassis, fully independent suspension and power from a 302 cubic inch Ford V-8 from the Trans-Am Champion Boss 302. The purest and most innovative of De Tomaso Automobili’s products, the Mangusta had a short life, from 1965-1970, during which only some 400 examples were produced. This 1969 De Tomaso Mangusta is the only known surviving example in this striking burgundy color, as it was originally delivered with black leather interior. It also came from the factory with air conditioning, a highly desirable option. It has had a thorough mechanical and cosmetic restoration to like new condition including a bare metal respray in the original color. The original radio is in the dash but a modern stereo with remote controls is tucked away in the restored front luggage compartment along with the tool kit. This is a very good car, attractively restored and in excellent running, driving condition that has been thoroughly redone without ruining its authenticity and original appearance.

Stock Number: 4415

969 DeTomaso Mangusta with very low mileage shown on the clock.
Very attractive paint, trim and glass. One area on the right front quarter panel could use refinishing.
Upgraded interior in black leather with red piping.
The engine is believed to be a 302 with solid lifters. Sounds very stout.
A/C unit not included, however, it would be wise to upgrade to a modern rotary unit for better cooling.
Good level of detailing and originality.
What is of concern is rust has been found in the undercarriage of the car. With cars such as these, unless they have received a full stripping to bare metal, the full nature and extent of the rust cannot be determined. Here, moderate rusting is seen and without removing all undercoating, wire brushing, blasting and removing parts, we cannot verify the extent of the rust.
Who is this car for? This car is definitely not for somebody who does not have their eyes wide open as to rust. Having restored cars with rust before, we know that it can be very expensive to remedy the situation and some parts are difficult and expensive to replace. Also, the cost of restoration can result in a purchaser spending more than if they had bought a rust free car in the first place. That being said, how does one know if a car is totally rust free or not? Even cars thought in good faith to be free of the tin worm can often times be rich with rust. Thus, the person who purchases this car should be knowledgeable in the body and paint trades and either be able to do their own work or have resources available to do the work within ones budget.
We sincerely believe that there are very few, rust-free cars available in today’s market. Cars that may at first be thought to be rust free have turned out to the contrary. Thus, it can make sense to buy this car at its discounted price and simply do it right.
With the eye appeal, interior and engine this car has, if it was not found to have rust, the asking price would be at least $10-20,000 more for this car. It is definitely worth restoring and when completed, would have considerable market value as well as offering the owner a great deal of pleasure in terms of driving or displaying. There were only 401 of them made and we fully expect the prices to accelerate in the near future.

2024, Europe for sale


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