This is a 1969 build date Mangusta model.

Color = Silver Gray

Version: Mangusta
Chassis: 8MA 830
Engine: 302 Ford V8
Headlights: Four
Year built: 1969
Exterior: Red
Interior: Black
First owner: TBC

May 2010 for sale at 37,768 miles on eBay.com in Coshocton, Ohio.

There are two distinct versions of the US model Mangustas. The 1969 models have four fixed headlamps and the 1970 models have two pop up headlamps. Additionally it appears that the dash toggle switches in the 1969 models are switched up to activate while the 1970 models switches are switched to the left to activate. Most people like one or the other but it’s not unusual to meet someone who has one of each.

Our 69 Mangusta has a history that goes back maybe twenty five years to when the widow of an owner sold it in midnight deal ten hours before moving to Paris. The last owner wanted a car to take to shows and had the engine pulled and the engine compartment chassis, and suspension detailed to show quality. He highlighted the work by mirror polishing the under hood aluminum trim to reflect the beautiful work below. After preparing the car to be one of the nicest Mangustas around, he decided he needed a Ferrari and traded both his Mangustas on a Daytona.

VIN: 8MA830 Price $110,000

1969 Detomaso Mangusta only approximately 400 were ever built in Modena,Italy by Detomaso. So here is your chance to own a true piece of history. This car is 100% orignal with only 37768 miles always stored in a climate controlled garage.These cars was completly hand built and is powered with a ford power plant and 5speed transmission.


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