This is a 4-headlight variant 1969 Mangusta model.

Color = Yellow

I have had this car for nearly 40 years. It was a good driving, mechanically strong car with 25,270 miles when the decision was made to do a color change.

a guy named Dave Wilson is selling a yellow Mangusta project from Arkansas claiming to be 8MA894

I have had this car for nearly 40 years. It was a good driving, mechanically strong car with 25,270 miles when the decision was made to do a color change in 1986. The doors were dip stripped which revealed the need to rebuild the lower edge of the door, which has been done by a pro. I was going to replace the floor and rockers myself as these are very simple, but that is where progress ceased. I always knew the mangusta was a special car and wanted to devote enough time to do the job right, but of course the priorities of life and business intervened. So here it is; it is a tough decision to sell it.
It is a complete car. I never did have the spare, jack or toolkit. The interior parts, although dirty from decades in storage, are in good shape, and could be cleaned and used as is. Wheels are in good shape and have the proper Detomaso logo lugs. A new set of repro caps is included. All glass and chrome is good. I am sure all of the hydraulics will need to be gone through, these are easily obtainable parts from common cars.
The car is priced at $185k OBO. If there is specifically something you want a photo of let me know and I will try to accommodate. PM me here or call 870-423-2344 ask for Dave.
The vin # is 8ma894. I have had a few inquiries as whether the #s match on the motor, but i really doubt if there is any reference anywhere except maybe in the debris of the detomaso factory as to engine casting # to vin#. I will try to get the date code on the engine. As far as originality, there are a couple of items that i know are not- i changed the muffler tips which were rectangular outlets to the twin tube borla tips years ago. There is a holley double pump on the engine, i would imagine it probably came with an autolite carb. Also the previous owner recovered the dash top with some kind of fake suede material, the original was leather. I don’t have any history, but iirc the car was from michigan. i purchased the car from a guy in springfield, mo. My wife corrected me that we have only had it for 35 years.

Hello and thank you for looking at my auction. Here we have a very rare find, a 1969 DeTomaso Mangusta in truly original condition. This car belongs to a good friend of mine, so please contact him with any questions that you might have. You may reach Steve at (626) 818-3261 between the hours of 8:00AM and 8:00PM Pacific time. Now, onto the business of the car!!!!! This wonder was found in Northern California in a 100% complete package. This car has everything from all the factory glass, drivers’ manual, sidelights, ect. As I am sure you are aware, finding one of the 401 cars that were made in this condition is just amazing. The car was shipped to Los Angeles where the full restoration began. Of course, only the best shops were used, primarily world known Hall Pantera. The list of restorations is huge to say the least. Well, I will list some of them to give you an idea as to where to start….. All new hoses Refinished brake master cylinder New alternator New radiator (rebuilt to match the factory unit) New clutch Fully built motor with GT-40 parts Aluminum heads Lag shift redone Full suspension restoration (powder coated) New carpet throughout the car Wheels refinished to factory Chassis strengthened Engine bay powder coated and detailed Floor under the gas tanks redone New headers New exhaust New overflow bottle Front trunk felt redone Brakes rebuilt Fully adjustable Hall shocks Clearing of original tool kit Owners Manuel and sales literature with car New Centerforce clutch Headers and exhaust are now ceramic coated (they are amazing) Custom removable heat shields in the motor bay New carburetor Custom skid plate under the oil pan New steering wheel (original included) And the list goes on and on…… To say the least, this car has had tons of money and time put into it to bring it back to the factory new condition. The project is complete except for the interior and the exterior. The interior is all-original and is an easy restoration for the new owner. The body is in very good condition with slight rust on the lower part of the doors and a pushed in front fender. As with any ground up restoration, paint and interior would be last but the owner of the car is now moving onto another project. His loss, you gain with this magnificent car. If you are looking for a complete showpiece, this is the Mangusta for you. Please forward any questions directly to Steve for he is the expert. Thanks for looking and happy bidding….


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