This is a 1969 build date Mangusta model.

Color = Yellow

Version: Mangusta
Chassis: 8MA 900
Engine: 302 Ford V8
Headlights: Four
Year built: 1969
Exterior: Unknown
Interior: Black
First owner: Unknown

2004 for sale with PI Motorsports, Orange, California at 51,531 miles.


Former Pantera International cover car
Very good condition on body and paint
Original exterior appearance.
Strong interior
Excellent detailing of engine compartment and suspension.
Rebuilt engine.
Original air cleaner

Discussion This is not a full-show, Pebble Beach Concours type car. If it were, please add at least $30-50,000 to the price based upon recent sales and comparable cars on the market. Rather, this is a very attractive, nice driving and complete car. The engine is a Hall Pantera rebuild. The engine and the engine bay show lots of detailing and preparation. The interior reflects only moderate use and great care taken not to spoil the tremendous beauty of the car. A Mangusta in yellow is very attractive and pleasing and few seem to come on the market. This car has its original tool kit which is unusual. The current owner is breaking up his important car collection and this car would be a real jewel to capture if you have ever dreamed of owning a Mangusta.
With only 400 cars built, we think the market is finally starting to move on the Mangusta. We know of several sales of $60-90,000. We expect the prices are going to go higher, much higher. Since a Mangusta appeared in the smash hit movie, Kill Bill vol. 2, there has been accelerating interest in these very rare, Giugiaro-designed masterpieces. Cars if poor condition will sell for $30-40,000 or more. This car falls smack in the middle of the price range and is a real bargain compared to anything up for sale.
Make your move on this car and get it in time to drive to and display at the Concorso Italiano. You will enjoy the trip and you will own a real crowd pleaser and trophy winner.

Pricing $64,995.00


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