This is a 1970 build date USA 2-headlight Mangusta model.

Color = White

I’m interested in the Mangusta registry because my dad Johnny Thomas of Irving Texas used to own a red 1970 Mangusta #8MA906 for about twenty years. He purchased the car from a small used car dealer in Ferris Texas. He traded a 1969 Shelby GT500 4spd car, and a Honda Goldwing motorcycle for the Mangusta. We rebuilt and repainted the car red in the late 80s. My dad raced the car at several drag strips and road course events and numerous car shows and car cruises over several states. In 2000 he traded the Mangusta to a classic car dealer in Dallas Texas for a fully restored 1970 Boss 302. I have the sales receipts for the purchase of the car and the selling of the car. Which they are stored away in boxes, but they can be available if needed.


Around 2006 I spoke to a gentleman I believe he was with the Pantera registry. He was able to put me in touch with the curator of a car collection in the north east USA, I’m thinking around the state of Virginia. From what he told me they did a full rotisserie restoration on the car, painted it back to the original color of silver which I’m not sure if that’s accurate or not. I did express interest in purchasing the car back. After a few phone calls he told me the owner wanted $425,000 for the car. As much as I wanted to buy the car he was asking over four times what the car was worth back then. I thanked him for his time and declined to move further. That was years ago and have long since lost his info to track the car down again. I have wanted to track the car down with the idea of trying to purchase it back, and also there is a personal curiosity to know more about my dads old car and its history.


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