This is a 1970 build date, 2-headlight USA Mangusta model.

Color = Yellow

Version: Mangusta
Chassis: 8MA 938
Engine: 302 Ford V8
Headlights: Two
Year built: 1970
Exterior: Blue
Interior: Black
First owner: TBC

Colour subsequently changed to yellow.
Also later fitted with Weber carbs.
March 2007 for sale at 31,459 miles with Autoworks International, Shavertown, PA.
Sold to Long Island, New York.
Colour changed to light metallic blue.
October 2008 for sale on eBay.com at over 31,000 miles in Long Island, New York.

You are looking at a gorgeous 1970 Detomaso Mangusta with a US spec 302 Ford V8 + weber carburetors

About the Mangusta:

The Mangusta was a major step in the evolution of DeTomaso for several reasons. At approximately 400 units produced, it was the largest production run to date for the company. Secondly by being V-8 powered, it moved the company into more direct competition with other Italian specialty automakers. The central spine chassis layout first seen on the Vallelunga was expanded for the dimensions of a larger automobile (166 inches long on a 97.5 inch wheelbase). A race-inspired alloy V-8 engine was under development for the Mangusta, though production versions employed a cast iron Ford engine, either 4.7 liter (289 cu. in.) for European spec machines, or 5.0 liter(302 cu. in.) V-8s for cars constructed for the United States market. These power plant provided solid acceleration and performance, then and now. Both engines were backed by a ZF 5-speed transaxle with limited slip differential. The suspension is fully independent, brakes are 4-wheel power disc, and each corner carries a cast magnesium wheel by Campagnolo. Georgette Giugiaro designed the Mangusta’s flowing shape, and body fabrication was again handled by Ghia of Turin. One of the more interesting aspects of the design is the center-hinged “gullwing” doors for the engine compartment and rear storage areas. The rear glass area tapers nearly flat to the roofline. Early production models featured dual fixed headlights in the front grill area, and later units had a single 7″ retractable headlamp. Body panels are steel, and a Mangusta’s approximate weight is 3100 pounds.

The DeTomaso Mangusta has been hailed by many automotive stylists and journalists as one of the all-time great mid-engine GT designs; it is a significant piece of the company’s early history, and a highly collectible yet still drivable machine.

About this car:

I bought this car from in dealer in Pennsylvania almost two years ago. The car was painted fly yellow and had its engine prepped for racing by its former owner. You can see older pictures of it on the Mangusta registry website. I have over the past 6 months stripped this car to bare metal, replaced the floors and rails, replaced all window gaskets and interior carpets and headliner. The car is now is an original factory color blue similar to Ferrari’s California Blue and the work was done by Rit-Lyn Motors in Bridgehampton, NY, one of the best body and paint shops in the Northeast. The original color was Robin’s Egg Blue which was absolutely horrible then and still is today. I have brochure of the car with the exact color it is now painted in.

The engine is phenomenal; it has the famous Euro spec 8-pack of webers. The engine runs incredibly well and the webers purr to 6,000 rpm. All else on the car is very well sorted: instrumentation all work, AC works, window motors, radio, antana, the tires are almost new, brakes are very sharp, etc…

The car needs nothing, just a new owner as I’m downsizing my collection (1967 Mistral 4.0 also for sale on Ebay)


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