1970 build date European Mangusta model.

Color = Azure with interior red

The Mangusta was purchased by Orvar Sundström, Gothenburg, who together with his wife travelled to Modena and got the car delivered directly from factory, Alejandro de Tomaso, and drove it back to Sweden.

Orvar Sundström kept the car until spring 1974

Purchased by Benny Norberg in summer 1974.

He modified it for racing and tuned the engine, now with dry sump, to 450 hp and raced it 1982 to 1984 with splendid results.

After this the car was garaged until 5 years ago when it was sold to a german dealer who sent the car to Italy for restauration

2018 Sold in unrestored condition  from this dealer.

Still with the racing engine, racing paint but with its original interior back in place. The car has 49000 kms since new.


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