This is a 1970 build date 2-headlight Mangusta model.

Color = Red


The word “Mangusta” is Latin for “Mongoose”, an animal that eats Cobras. It was rumored that the car was so named because De Tomaso had been promised engines from Ford that went to the Shelby Cobra instead.The Mangusta started as a Ghia project. Alessandro De Tomaso had Ghia adapt it to a mid-engined backbone chassis, installed a Ford small block V-8 engine and De Tomaso Automobili was in business. The Mangusta’s design, by the master Giorgetto Giugiaro, was dynamic, clean and refreshingly free of added-on tabs, intakes, wings and spoilers. It featured unique center hinged rear body panels that covered the complete back of the car and engine. This Mangusta is distinctively painted in bright Fly Yellow with a Black interior. A fabulous original car, it has been treated to a very high quality respray and many other details redone, restored or refurbished including having mechanical work done as needed to make it run and drive strongly. Please look carefully, this is not your average car. This Mangusta is not only one of the most beautiful sports cars ever built, but an awesome machine ready to show, or most importanly, to drive.

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