This is a 2-headlight variant 1970 Mangusta model.

Color = Black

Version: Mangusta
Chassis: 8MA 994
Engine: 302 Ford V8
Headlights: Four
Year built: 1970
Exterior: Black
Interior: Red
First owner: TBC

Circa late 1980′s / early 1990′s stripped for restoration.
2007 exported to the UK.
Sold to present owner.

This car was owned for many years by Matt Chitiea. At some point in the late 1980’s or early 1990’s he took it apart with the plans to restore it. Life intervened and the car sat in storage. Parts from the car were stored in boxes in several locations. When it came time to let it go, it was sold to a well known DeTomaso guy from the UK.

A number of California DeTomaso fans gathered in the hills of California to gather all the parts and prepare the car for transport back to the UK. Even the ZF was in pieces. The editor of ProvaMo was present, and took quite a number of photos, a few appearing here. Matt appears on the far right, sad to see his car go, the gents from the UK are on the left.

The car was partially assembled for safer transport, including installing the engine, the rest was very carefully crated with tons of padding for the long voyage back across the pond.


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